Valerie Phillips is a New York based artist whose heritage is that hodgepodge of African, European , Amerindian and  Asian peoples who, because of the vicissitudes of history found their home in the place we have come to know fondly as "The Caribbean."

    Her work is in private collections as well as in the Permanent Art Collection of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation which collection consists of  works by Keith Haring, Helen Frankenthal, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence and Andy Warhol among others. 



Valerie Phillips loves the sensuous, tactile qualities of oil paint, and most of my canvases have been worked in that rich and wonderful medium. However, she has worked  in acrylics, watercolors, mosaics and mixed media as well.



The inspiration for her paintings stems primarily from her Caribbean and African heritage  and from her travels throughout various parts of the world. 

     These influences can be seen most prominently in her use of color and texture. The rich and varied colors of her ancestral origins evoke the vibrancy of a lush tropical environment, the complex choreography of nature and the powerful, inescapable light that bathes those exotic parts of the world. The rhyme, rhythm and song springing forth from those environs are the hallmark  of her heritage and of the works on this website.


Valerie Phillips Studio

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